Author: Rich Foreman

The 7 Mobile App Monetization Models

Something I typically ask my startup clients is “how do you plan on making money?” Sometimes, I get a stunned silence in response. They’re so caught up in their idea that they never think about the monetization model. This is especially true for startups that include an app as part of the business model. So, if you are at the napkin stage of your next app venture, here are seven app monetization models to give you food for thought. 1. The Price of the App The most obvious way to make money is by selling it on the app store. On the Apple App Store,...

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7 Things to Know about Equity Crowdfunding for your Startup

Spend a little time in the startup world and you’ll quickly become familiar with crowdfunding, from consumer platforms like Kickstarter or Indigogo to the new equity crowdfunding models. Launching a crowdfunding campaign is becoming a great way for startups to gain exposure while generating financial support for their project – and in the same time, validating it. So how does it work? Supporters that contribute funds for a startup’s cause, known as “backers,” generally receive an item in return, whether a token of the startup’s appreciation or an early version of the product. For a famous example, consider the...

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8 Companies to Watch from Demo Day at 500 Startups

500 Startups held their Demo Day for Batch 17 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Demo Day serves as the graduation for the Batch 17 class of 42 companies. I’ve been to many Demo Days at other accelerators and 500 Startups is the most fun and festive. The theme for Batch 17’s Demo Day was Beauty and the Geek (many of the startups fit in the categories of beauty or B2B). 500 Startups Co-Founder, Christine Tsai, kicked it off by doing a dance dressed up Napoleon Dynamite (these guys know how to party). Not to be...

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