In case you missed it, the Founder Institute is currently testing the demand for opening a new program in Sacramento. For those who aren’t familiar with Founder Institute, it’s a global idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program based in Silicon Valley with programs in 60 countries around the world with a mission is to “Globalize Silicon Valley” and build sustainable startup ecosystems that will create one million new jobs.

According to Mariah Lichtenstern, a local alum of Founder Institute and founder of Cineshares and  DiverseCity Ventures, Sacramento has been on Founder Institute’s radar for awhile now. Mariah, along with her DiverseCity Venture co-founder Gabor Szecsi and Veronica Smith from the City of Sacramento and Sacramento Employment and Economic Development (SEED) Corporation have been pushing to bring the program to Sacramento. In an interview with Mariah, she told me that they’ve been looking at Sacramento for a number of reasons; the City of Sacramento recognizes the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship (as evidenced by the City’s $10 Million Innovation and Growth Fund), its proximity to the Bay Area, as well as all the work that people have done in this local ecosystem. All of this has laid the foundation that makes Sacramento a really attractive ecosystem. The fact that there’s so much talent here along with the great colleges and it’s high livability are also key factors.

When we at StartupSac first learned that Founder Institute was considering launching its accelerator here we were naturally excited to hear the news and we’re looking forward to collaborating with the organizers to accelerate the growth of Sacramento’s startup and innovation ecosystem.

Does the launch of a global accelerator program here in Sacramento interest you? To move forward and make it happe, a sufficient number of people need to apply to the program by the July 2 launch deadline.

If you’d like to learn more about the program and dive in right away, Mariah and her team have organized a bootcamp and information session in the coming weeks. Check out the June schedule below.

Sacramento Founder Institute Summer Schedule of Events

Startup Ideation Bootcamp
June 20th, 6:30 PM,
Location: Newmark Cornish & Carey, 980 Ninth Street, Suite 2500, Sacramento, Ca, 95814


Founder Institute Information Session
June 27th, 6:30 PM,
Location: Newmark Cornish & Carey, 980 Ninth Street, Suite 2500, Sacramento, Ca, 95814


Learn more and apply for the Sacramento Founder Institute


Need more data before you decide? Check out these stats.

Founder Institute Statistics*

*These statistics are updated frequently, but not in real-time.

  • Operations in 170 cities, 60 countries, and 6 continents
  • 2,300 Graduate Companies
  • An estimated portfolio value in excess of $15B billion
  • $550M+ in funding for Graduate Companies, conservatively (and we are just as proud of the many Graduates that have bootstrapped their way to profitability!)
  • 30+ exits or liquidity events
  • An estimated 20,000+ new jobs created
  • 72% Graduate companies still operating after 2 years
  • 9,000+ Mentors worldwide
    • > 90% are CEOs or founders


Still want more info? Check out the full interview with Mariah in this video below. Or, if you’d prefer to listen on your commute or during your workout, download the audio-only podcast.