Humans, we’re complicated beings even as just individuals in isolation. Factor in interactions with family, friends, coworkers, and others with differing values, beliefs, and biases (conscious or unconscious) and you’ve got an incredibly complex tangle. It’s no wonder that we live in such tumultuous, contentious times. But imagine if we had a way to augment and enhance  not only the understanding of ourselves but also those with whom we interact. Wouldn’t that enable profound insights and improvements in how we communicate, interact, and engage with each other? Making that a reality is the vision of one ambitious Sacramento entrepreneur. Tracy Saville is the cofounder of Sofiia AI, Inc., a company dedicated to the idea that quality relationships and human understanding are what drive human innovation, progress, and happiness.

“Sofiia augments to optimize people’s natural capacity to engage with others and the world.”

Tracy’s startup has incredibly lofty visions, and if successful, profound impact on society. She’s got a lot on her plate running a startup, being the CFO of a lumber business, and the Sacramento region Entrepreneur-in-Residence and project liaison for a program to increase the success of women-led businesses and counter negative biases towards female entrepreneurs. But despite Tracy’s staggering workload, she graciously set aside some time to chat about her startup as well as some insight into what to expect from the mentoring program for female tech entrepreneurs.

The interview is also available as an audio podcast.

Sacramento Startup Profile Podcast: Sofiia Co-founder Tracy Saville

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