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Averro Solutions LLC
Averro provides fully managed IT infrastructure as a service.

Averro offers leading Managed IT Services for its Shared and Dedicated Cloud offerings including server and OS management, network LAN/WAN management, security services, as well as backup/archival and disaster recovery solutions. All of this is built on top of Enterprise class compute, network, and storage infrastructure inside of world-class data center facilities. These services are delivered to the customer via automated provisioning and management tools and supported by a highly skilled team dedicated to ensure the security and availability of the client’s environment 24×7.

Yatish Mishra, Denoid Tucker
Cognimem Technologies, Inc.
CogniMem stands for Cognitive Memory, a breakthrough technology for Cognitive Computing, pattern recognition, classification, and anomaly & novelty detection.

CogniMem™ stands for Cognitive Memory and is a breakthrough technology for Cognitive Computing including pattern recognition and classification, as well as anomaly and novelty detection. CogniMem is a parallel neural network which implements classifiers suitable for both fuzzy matching and exact matching.

CogniMem is committed to demonstrating that the CogniMem Neural Network Chip is a unique enabler for Cognitive Computing to design image & general purpose recognition systems and devices which are powerful, yet practical to implement. Powerful means a robust pattern recognition engine- adaptive, high-speed & expandable.

Bruce McCormick, Guy Paillet, Anne Menendez
Folsom, CA
eze System
The easiest way to remotely measure, log and control over the Internet. Save energy, visualize and automate.

We make remote monitoring and control via the Internet easier than ever. The ezeio system is designed to be easy to deploy and use for anything from a single temperature probe to large systems of meters, sensors, thermostats and control points. Monitor, log, alarm, control and automate – all in a single integrated system via any web browser.

Anders Rehnvall & Niklas Zandelin
Anders Rehnvall
VVC accelerator, Capitalize 2016
Folsom, CA
Intake Works

“Leave the fish in the sea” Intake Works supplies low turbid salt water to desalination plants using advanced materials, unconventional techniques of horizontal directional drilling and intrinsic understanding of the marine and coastal environment.

Tony Jones
Tony Jones
Sacramento, CA
Kazan Networks
Kazan Networks is enabling a transformation in datacenter connectivity.

Kazan Networks was founded by an experienced team of high-tech veterans who trace their roots back to the Systems business at HP in the early 90s. After being part of the team to create the industry’s most widely-deployed embedded Fibre Channel controller (Tachyon and its follow-ons), the team continued to innovate in the areas of iSCSI controllers, FC-to-SATA bridges, SAS controllers, and high-performance networking solutions. The leadership team has been awarded over 60 patents in the areas of storage and networking.

Joe Steinmetz, Mike Thompson, Murthy Kompella
Series A
Auburn, CA
Rocket Department
Engineering prototypes, products & custom installations || #Makers #Design #IoT #WebDev

We build ideas to inspire people and to create a vibrant, tech-forward region. We work closely with innovators, entrepreneurs, businesses, and community groups.

Emma Fletcher, Andy Axton, Andy Colborn, Merritt Thomas
Sacramento, CA
Security Together
Security Together™ Corporation is a startup based in California that develops technology solutions that promote public safety and national security.

Security Together™ Corporation is a national security and cybersecurity stealth startup based in Roseville, California that addresses issues that deal with develops solutions promoting public safety and national security.

Tony Vargas
Capitalize 2016
Roseville, CA
Tallac Networks
#SDN, #NFV, #networking; Networking as a Service (NaaS), #cloud networking

Tallac Networks combines over 100 years of enterprise networking and software defined networking (SDN) expertise to provide Managed Service Providers and their customers with a new approach to multi-tenant wireless networking. Our solution empowers wireless operators to design and deploy application-based SDN Wi-Fi cloud services based on multi-tenant network cloud virtualization. on an Open-Flow architecture, this platform provides better service, enhanced flexibility, and greater access to the third party applications.

Velocity Venture Capital Entrepreneur Showcase
Rocklin, CA