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KickFactory Founder Ryan MacCarthy

Ryan MacCarthy has developed an innovative way to tap into social media signals and engage with consumers on behalf of brands to win customers for brands right when the customer is expressing a need. In this episode, learn about how Ryan’s startup KickFactory allows brands to reach customers even before they start shopping by engaging them at their moment of need. file | Play in new window | Duration: 13:52 | Recorded on November 1,...

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Spotlight on 2016 Sacramento Region Innovation Award Winners: Evolve Biosystems

Judging for the second annual Sacramento Region Innovation Awards wrapped up recently and many of the judges were winners from last year’s Innovation Awards, including last year’s winner in the medical and health technology category, Evolve Biosystems. Evolve Biosystems is a privately held microbiome company dedicated to developing the next generation of products to establish, restore and maintain a healthy newborn gut microbiome. I sat down with Tracy Shafizadeh, Director of Scientific Communications, to chat about Evolve Biosystems, their experience participating in last year’s Sacramento Region Innovation Awards, as well as innovation in our region. file | Play...

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Clayton Porscha, Executive Director of Valley Extends

Valley Extends is a Full Service Sales and Marketing Accelerator that helps Companies grow, by offering services that impact operations such as – hiring, sales and marketing, back office, payroll and human resources – with 35 companies in their program with plans to grow that number. I met with Clayton at Valley Extends to learn about his background, the origins of Valley Extends as well as how they help startups grow and scale. file | Play in new window | Duration: 35:52 | Recorded on September 19,...

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Moneta Ventures Associate Partner Sabya Das

In just a few short years, Moneta Ventues has become Sacramento’s largest venture capital firm. In this episode of the StartupSac podcast I chat with Sabya Das, Associate Partner at Moneta whose task is to evaluate new opportunities for investment and to assist Moneta’s portfolio companies in a variety of operational roles.  I met with Sabya at Moneta’s Folsom offices where we had a chat about a broad range of topics related to the Moneta, venture capital, entrepreneurship, and the Sacramento startup ecosystem. file | Play in new window | Duration: 25:29 | Recorded on September 14,...

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Kim Box, President and CEO of Gatekeeper Innovation

Kim Box, President and CEO at Gatekeeper Innovation, worked at HP for 29 years, leading a billion dollar organization as an executive of IT services. Eight years ago she decided to take a change in direction and doing something more purposeful that made an impact in the world. She wrote a book on diversity an leadership, started a non-profit focused on preventing teenage alcohol and drug addiction. A little over a year ago she was introduced to the founders of Gatekeeper Innovations, an organization with a mission that aligned perfectly with her goals, passion, and skill set. Gatekeeper, also...

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Le Thuy Vuong, M.B.A., Ph.D. CEO/Founder The Redmelon Company

Le Thuy Vuong is the founder and CEO of The Redmelon Company, formerly known as Fishrock Laboratories. As part of her PhD thesis she discovered that a fruit indigenous to her native country of Vietnam has the potential to help tackle Vitamin A deficiency in developing countries. In this episode, I sat down with Le to learn about her work on her thesis and research in Vietnam to discover the unique aspects of this fruit and how she developed a method to extract the oil from the fruit so that it can be more easily used year-round. Also hear...

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A Discussion on Diversity in the Sacramento Startup & Tech Community

Inspired by Victor Patton’s recent article in the Sacramento Business Journal on diversity, I had the idea to organize a roundtable discussion on diversity for the StartupSac podcast. The main purpose in my mind was to get a group of Black entrepreneurs together in the studio to discuss the issue of diversity from their perspective and get a dialogue going in our community to address the issues, gain insight, and explore ideas about how we can become a more inclusive community. In this episode entrepreneurs and innovators from Sacramento’s Black community discuss diversity in our tech and startup community....

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Beata Adamczyk & Patrick Guderski Co-founders of Beekwee

During the third trimester of her pregnancy with her daughter, Beata Adamczyk was frustrated and alarmed by how difficult it was to find reliable and affordable products. Having worked with tech start-ups in Silicon Valley, she had the drive to launch her own solution to address the problem. She met her technical co-founder Patrick Guderski, a developer with a passion to do something that made a difference in the world, through the Polish-American community, and together they launched Beekwee. In this episode, hear about the origins of their startup and their challenges and wins they’ve had so far along the way....

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Kyle Kaneshiro from Sacramento’s Small Business Development Center

Mentors and advisors play a key role in any startup ecosystem. The knowledge and experience that veteran business people can share with entrepreneurs is incredibly valuable. Kyle Kaneshiro spent nearly 30 years working for Intel in Folsom, most recently as Director of Strategic Planning. About a year ago, Kyle retired and he now spends much of his time as an advisor for Sacramento’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) advising and mentoring entrepreneurs. He’s also a regular at 1 Million Cups Sacramento events where he shares valuable insight and suggestions to the startups that are presenting. I recently sat down...

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Cinde Dolphin, Founder of KILI Medical Drain Carrier

For patients recovering from surgery, medical drains are a necessary yet uncomfortable and awkward part of post-op recovery. Medical drains like a Jackson Pratt® (JP) drain collect fluids from the surgical area. Most medical teams only offer safety pins to suspend and manage these drains. Experiencing this firsthand, Cinde Dolphin thought there had to be a better way and set about to create one. She created the KILI Medical Drain Carrier, a way to suspend drains painlessly, that allows bathing, improves mobility and accelerates recovery. I sat down with Cinde at Outlet Coworking in midtown to chat about the...

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