There was another good turnout at 1 Million Cups yesterday morning to hear Craig Merry from Beacon Safety and Bing Gu from California Sunlight present their startups.

Beacon Safety is a benefit corporation designed to help reduce collisions between cyclists and cars. Craig is developing a blindspot monitoring and emergency communications system to make commuting safer for cyclists.

Craig kicked off his presentation with a short explainer video:


Following the Q&A for Craig, Bing Gu presented his company, California Sunlight. California Sunlight Corporation offers cost-effective, small-scale, portable solar energy systems. Products include: solar-powered BBQs, ovens, and stoves; solar food dehydrators; solar water heaters; active daylighting; and micro-CPV systems. Their latest product is a solar balloon cooker. At only two ounces, it can fit into a small pocket. The solar balloon cooker can be used for cooking, heating, water pasteurization, and even for increasing the power output of a PV panel. It’s ideal for use in everything from camping to emergency responses, and serves well for water, cooking, and heating needs in developing countries.