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Sacramento Startup Profile: Cinde Dolphin, Founder of KILI Medical Drain Carrier

So many startups have their origins in their founder coming up with a solution to a problem that they have. In Cinde Dolphin’s case this was a bit more dramatic than many founders experience. Cinde has gone to battle with cancer several times and knows firsthand the experience of surgeries and treatments. Patients recovering from surgery require medical drains to drain away fluids from the surgery area. These drains are a necessary yet uncomfortable and awkward part of post-op recovery. Most medical teams only offer safety pins to suspend and manage these drains. Experiencing this firsthand, Cinde Dolphin thought...

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Impact VC Makes 3rd Investment in Pondera Solutions

Impact Venture Capital Invests into Third Portfolio Company: Pondera Solutions Alongside Large San Francisco Private Equity Firm Impact Venture Capital has made its third investment is into Pondera Solutions, a company that leverages advanced prediction algorithms and the power of cloud computing to combat fraud, waste, and abuse in government programs. Impact Venture Capital invested alongside San Francisco-based private equity firm Serent Capital. Pondera’s CEO Jon Coss participated in Impact Venture Capital’s Innovation Programs in 2013. At the time, Pondera was pre-revenue and had only three team members. Since then, Coss has grown his company to over 40 employees, has generated tens of millions in revenue, and has...

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Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy is Now Accepting Applications

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or know one? The Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy is now accepting applications for the Class of 2018. Aspiring entrepreneurs that are upper division or graduate students of four year colleges, or students with the equivalent of two years of college, or ambitious working professionals are welcome to apply for the entrepreneurship program. Click here for the program overview. The program will provide invaluable tools to: Distinguish yourself. Obtain hands-on business education. Take the first step towards starting your OWN business. Gain rare access to entrepreneurs and business leaders. Leverage the expansive SEA network. Augment your academic credentials. Accelerate YOUR...

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Networking Oktoberfest-style on Tap for Next StartupSac Happy Hour

Ok, Sacramento startup founders, entrepreneurs, and innovators, get ready to break out the lederhosen and dirndls. For September’s StartupSac Happy Hour we’re going Oktoberfest-style. Officially, Oktoberfest kicks off in Munich this year on September 16 and runs through October 3. But we’re going to get an early jump on the celebration and hold it a week earlier on September 5. Like we did in August, we’ll be foregoing the traditional guest entrepreneur answering questions that we usually do for StartupSac Happy Hour and opt for another networking-only event. And what more appropriate place to hold a StartupSac Oktoberfest Happy Hour...

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Sacramento Startup Profile: Two Wires Lab

One day ten years ago, Stephane Come’s six year son old asked him if they could make a robot. Having an electronics background, Stephane built a flashing LED and showed it to his son who was blown away by what his father had built. When Stephane saw that, he realized that he could take things beyond just working with his son and Stephane and his wife, Criss, organized a meet-up at Hacker Lab to teach electronics and robotics. That event ended up shattering their expectations drawing in 45 kids along with their parents, totaling 100 people. The initial workshop turned...

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Sacramento Startup Profile: Riskalyze

If you follow the Sacramento technology scene or read the Sacramento Business Journal, you’re probably familiar with one of the more successful startups in our region, Riskalyze, based in Auburn, who closed a $20 million Series A round last year. Riskalyze was founded by CEO Aaron Klein along with his investor friend Mike McDaniel in 2011 when they realized that investing was broken and that there wasn’t an objective way to define the amount of investment risk an individual investor can tolerate. Using a Nobel Prize-winning framework, they developed complex algorithms to calculate the individual risk fingerprint of each and...

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Founder Institute StartupSac Fellowship

Recently, The Founder Institute announced that it would be launching its program here in Sacramento. StartupSac is excited to announce the Founder Institute StartupSac Fellowship. The Founder Institute offers a number of different Fellowships, providing opportunity for promising founders to launch a company in their idea-stage startup accelerator program, free of charge. This fellowship will be awarded to the most extraordinary applicant from the StartupSac Community, giving them the opportunity to participate in the Sacramento Founder Institute for free. The recipient will be recognized as somebody with the utmost potential to become a successful technology entrepreneur. Through this fellowship everyone...

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Square Root Academy Presents: 5000 Watts

Growing the Sacramento startup and innovation ecosystem isn’t just about supporting current startup founders and connecting them with the resources they need. It’s also about cultivating the next generation of innovators as well as making Sacramento an exciting cultural hub where talented, innovative people can thrive and be inspired, and one Sacramento non-profit is organizing an event that covers both. Square Root Academy is curating a 3-day experience at the intersection of Art & Technology to bring together community in the heart of Oak Park. Over the 3 days, artists and makers alike will be transforming Brickhouse Art Gallery...

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Apps for Ag Hackathon Cultivates Innovative Solutions for Food & Ag

Here’s the stark reality. By 2050, we’ll need to feed 10 billion people on this planet. In the United States, we currently waste 30 – 40 percent of our food supply. Non-sustainable farming and distribution practices are causing environmental degradation. These are just a few of the huge challenges in our food and agricultural system that need serious innovation. Tackling those challenges was the objective of the Apps for Ag Hackathon that took place this last weekend at The Urban Hive in Midtown and culminated on the stage at the California State Fair. 50 participants gathered at The Urban...

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The Intersection between Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

Look at any hottest tech trends list these days and you’ll likely spot two of the big darlings in technology – Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. If tech journals were Hollywood tabloids you’d see these two gracing the covers at news stands and checkout lines at your local grocery store. And, like those tabloids, there’s a lot of buzz about these two as a couple. But, unlike those celebrity hook-ups, the intersection between the emerging fields of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality will likely have profound impacts on business and society. Do you want to know what kinds of...

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