We had an extra large turnout at 1 Million Cups on Wednesday morning this week. This edition was presented by the Grant Farm and featured Athena Intelligence and CarbonBLU. Through proprietary geospatial data processing, Athena produces exclusive business intelligence that quantifies and democratizes dynamic resource, production and performance risks to the world’s food, energy, financial sectors.

carbonBLU helps fleets analyze and explore options for improvement and optimization, without the costs associated with hiring technical staff and additional personnel. Our company officially launched in 2014, after being incubated as a concept by ECO, Inc. Our software empowers fleet managers to purchase the right vehicle for the job, integrate alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technology into fleet operations and even improve energy use at their facilities. Our propriety analytics tools allow us to automate and expedite the process of understanding and analyzing fleet operations while identifying areas of potential improvement.

Below are a few highlights from the morning.

Athena Intelligence


There’s a great energy and sense of community at each 1 Million Cups Sacramento event. Want to be a part of it? Check it out Wednesday mornings at 9:00am on the 28th floor of the Renaissance Tower at 801 K Street, Sacramento.