Prior to arriving at Startup Weekend Sacramento, participants will be able to connect with fellow participants to form their teams, mentors to seek advice & event organizers to ask questions not to mention receiving real time event updates, registering for the event & viewing the event details all in one convenient place on their phone.

During the event at Startup Weekend Sacramento, participants will be able to connect with mentors helping to push through pain points in the process, talk to event organizers for updates regarding logistics for the events, receive real time event updates including prizes & discounts from sponsors during the event.

To join the fun, click the button below to download wimZr and then do the following:

  1. Download wimZr, free at wimZr.com
  2. Register for wimZr
  3. Tap the “+Event” icon
  4. Enter “Startup Weekend Sacramento” in the search bar
  5. Tap the “I’m Going!” icon next to the week you’re signed up for
  • Say yes to push notifications to receive real time event updates

Once you’re connected, you’ll be automatically entered to win one of several prizes, including t-shirts, koozies, promo gear, and swag, in addition to being able to communicate with other participants, mentors & event organizers, not to mention real time updates regarding all things Startup Weekend Sacramento!


Click here to download wimZr app free


wimZr is a Sacramento based & developed startup that connects people prior to arriving at their events & destinations to enhance their experience. They have found a niche in providing event organizers with a full service mobile application through its platform to benefit event attendees, event organizers, sponsors & vendors.

wimZr is a Sacramento Startup that has been used in 100+ countries 2,000+ cities, 150,000+ screen views, 50,000+ connection clicks, open forum Q&As with the likes of NFL Star Terrell Owens, promotion by Justin Timberlake & DeMarcus Cousins, local & national media coverage, in addition to being the official event mobile application for Global Winter Wonderland, SWAT Events, Super Fan Chase & the MADDBacker Celebrity Charity Basketball Game.