Despite heavy rains and snarled freeway traffic, a couple dozen entrepreneurs and innovators turned out to another 1 Million Cups Sacramento on Wednesday morning to hear presentations from Keisuke Nakagawa, founder of Whitekoat and Venita Sivamani, founder of Dermveda. Whitekoat is a collaborative medical education platform powered by machine learning to help students learn and understand medical concepts faster and easier. Dermveda is dedicated to promoting integrative skin care education. We are curating the largest online resource library for trusted, up-to-date, science-backed information about skin health, beauty, and wellness authored by Western, Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Naturopathic practitioners.



In between the presentations, Jack Crawford Jr., General Partner at Impact Venture Capital, chatted with the audience about Impact VC’s plans to grow startup community in Sacramento.


Keisuke and Venita both did a great job presenting and the audience was once again very supportive and helpful in their feedback to the presenters. Congratulations to both.

On a sidenote, I sat down with Venita after 1 Million Cups and chatted with her a bit more about her startup, the challenges of entrepreneurship, and the Sacramento startup community. All of that is available in a podcast.