The inaugural Sacramento Region Innovation Awards luncheon was held on November 4, 2016. The criteria for the award is that the innovation must be developed by a Sacramento region entity. The awards were given in six categories and judged by a panelist that consisted of industry experts. Below is a list of the award winners and finalists.

Innovation of the Year

Golden 1 Center (Award Winner), the new home of the NBA’s Sacramento King was given a special Innovation of the Year Award for being the most sustainable and technologically advanced arena in the world. Sacramento Kings President, Chris Granger , gave the keynote speech at the luncheon, highlighting the arena’s impact on the surrounding community and its industry-leading commitments to sustainability, technology innovation and local industry.

Advanced Manufacturing

Watercraft Manufacturing by Free Form Factory Inc. (Award Winner) is an advanced manufacturing company currently focused on personal water crafts (PWC), jet skis. Their first product, FFF2.0, is the world’s first polymer based high performance PWC hull, with a proprietary chassis design. FFF has developed proprietary manufacturing techniques to manufacture PWC hulls 10x faster, 3.5x stronger, with zero volatile organic compounds.

Bolt Star by Construction Innovations LLC (Finalist) is a breakthrough product of Construction Innovations LLC. Their BOLT STAR division specializes in the design and manufacture of tools for the construction industry.


Food & Agriculture

Radio Frequency Pasteurizer by RF Biocidics (Award Winner) designs, develops and operates disinfection and disinfestation systems for a worldwide clientele to create the next generation of food safety solutions.

Automated Irrigation Advisor by Tule Technologies (Finalist) takes the guesswork out of irrigation and provides precise measurement of how much water crops are using with 24 hour remote monitoring.

Rapid Kit by Astrona Biotechnologies (Finalist) is a simple to use detector that can be deployed on-site at every phase of food production from field to table. Their technology can screen all food types in under an hour versus today’s 48 hour standard food safety process


Hardware & Electronics

Linkbot by Barobo, Inc. (Award Winner) aims to make robotics more affordable, adaptable, reconfigurable, and reprogrammable for education, research, and industrial applications. Its flagship product, the Mobot, is a modular robot designed for transformative K-12 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

GPS Real-Time Network by California Surveying & Drafting Supply (Finalist) is a dynamic GNSS Real-Time Kinematic network that provides more reliability, more coverage, and more accuracy than traditional single-base networks. The CSDS RTN provides RTK & GLONASS corrections to equipment in the field, enabling up to 1 centimeter accuracy.

SenCam by Senworth (Finalist) is a body worn camera designed for law enforcement. The camera is triggered by a blue tooth enabled holster with 126 degrees angle lens which saves the video to the cloud.


Medical & Health Technologies & Services

B. infantis by Evolve Biosystems (Award Winner) develops the next generation of microbiome-based solutions to establish, restore, and maintain a healthy human gut microbiome across a range of unmet clinical needs.

Osteo-P HCCP by Molecular Matrix, Inc.(Finalist) is focused on providing advanced research tools for cultivating and studying stem cells. Their products provide cutting edge solutions for growing cells in three dimensions.

ViVita Process & ViVita BP by ViVita Technologies, Inc. (Finalist) removes the immunological barriers in animal-derived tissues, rendering them immune-compatible with human patients. Leveraging this technology, ViVita aims to generate off-the-shelf tissue and organ replacements that avoid long-term medication, repeat transplants, and associated patient deaths.



The Risk Number by Riskalyze (Award Winner) is transforming the advisory industry by empowering investment advisors to capture a quantitative measurement of client risk tolerance, and use that data to win new clients, capture and meet expectations and quantify suitability.

DialSource by DialSource, Inc. (Finalist) accelerates sales with the highest rated telephony platform on the Salesforce AppExchange and the first native communications platform for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Wyndow by Wyndow (Finalist) is a leading technology company focused on delivering local event, entertainment and experience content that fits within a traveler’s free time.



FastOx Gasifier by Sierra Energy (Award Winner) is a modular and universal waste gasification system that converts nearly any form of waste into renewable products. The initial FastOx system will produce electricity; later models are expected to produce renewable fuels such as diesel or hydrogen.

Pipeline Leak Detection by Electro Scan Inc. (Finalist) finds all defective pipe joints and sewer tap connections that CCTV can’t by visual observation. In addition to identifying leak locations, Electro Scan indicates the size.

TdX 20 by Bluon Energy (Finalist) creates refrigerants that increase operational efficiencies in existing HVAC-R equipment, and decrease electricity consumption as well as the carbon footprint.

The inaugural Sacramento Innovation Awards was spear headed by Stoel Rives LLP and highlights the region’s growing innovation ecosystem. Interestingly enough, Riskalyze raised $20 M and DialSource raised $5 M this week further showing the growth of the region’s tech scene.