A couple of weeks ago we relaunched the StartupSac podcast after a long hiatus. In that brief update episode I mentioned that we’d be doing a monthly episode where Laura Good and I give a rundown of what’s happening in the coming month as as well as any significant news that has taken place recently.

For the first official episode of the year, Laura and I took a tour of CoWo Campus, a new coworking space opening in midtown next month, and sat down to rundown some upcoming events in the Sacramento startup community in the next month or so and also chat about what we hope to see in the startup community here this year. We talk about new investments funds coming to Sacramento, new accelerator programs and coworking spaces, startup company founders spending more time giving back to the community, activation of high wealth individuals as angel investors into our community, and more. Take a listen, download for later, and don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss any episodes.

In the episode, we mention several upcoming events. Links to those events are below:

We also mention in the podcast if you have news or ideas about what we discuss in the podcast that you can leave a comment here or tag us in a tweet or comment on Facebook.