Ecosystems, of any kind, are complex entities, whether that be the Amazon rainforest or a tropical coral reef. Startup communities, like natural ecosystems, are comprised of a variety of players, intertwined and interacting in complex and unpredictable ways. If we as startup ecosystem builders in communities hope to grow and strengthen our fragile ecosystems we need to map them and make them easier to understand. Why? Because for an ecosystem to thrive, entrepreneurs need to be able to quickly find the knowledge and resources they need, and new entrants into the community need to be able to get a sense of it to understand where and how they can fit in.

In June of 2016, I created and published our first diagram of Sacramento’s startup ecosystem. It’s a resource that has gone through several iterations and even received a bit of praise.

“I was blown away… this is the best single place where I’ve found documentation for an ecosystem.” ~ Rick Rasmussen, Director of Startup Programs for the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology

Funny thing about ecosystems though. They’re not static. They’re ever-changing and dynamic, and the Sacramento startup community continues to grow and evolve constantly. With that evolution and growth, comes the need to once again update the Sacramento Startup Ecosystem diagram.

This latest version includes a big update to the UC Davis parts of the diagram, thanks to input from Ryan Sharp, Associate Director, Venture Catalyst – Economic Engagement at UC Davis. Also, added are new coworking spaces, events and activities, and civic programs.

Click here, or on the image below to go to the interactive diagram.


Updates to the Sacramento Startup Ecosystem diagram

Updates to this version of the diagram include:

UC Davis

  • CTSC
  • Student Startup Center
  • UC Davis Entrepreneurship Network
  • CITRIS and the Banatao Institute
  • Innovation Access
  • STAIR™ Grant Program
  • START™ Program
  • Instaviser Mentor Network
  • Leaders for the Future
  • Creator Challenge Series
  • UC Plasma
  • Little Big Bang! Poster Competition

Coworking Spaces

  • Cowo Campus
  • Coffee and Coworking
  • The Makers Place

Events & Activities

  • Women in Data
  • apiNXT

Civic Programs

  • Sacramento iHub
  • I/O Labs Foundation