Sacramento startup TENKIV launches pilot program to bring clean water to developing communities using the abundant power of the sun.

Sacramento Startup Tenkiv announced today that it is raising funds via its second Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to finish deployment of its revolutionary Solar Thermal Energy System. The company set out to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter to produce the first batch of water sanitation systems called the Tenkiv Nexus to be piloted in developing communities across Asia and Africa. Tenkiv’s latest innovation is going to allow humanitarian organizations to provide clean water to communities with little to no infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of existing technologies.

Tenkiv, founded in SACRAMENTO in 2014 by native Zack Juhasz, has enjoyed early traction with its previous product called The Tekdaqc which found a home in places like NASA and ETH ZURICH.

The Tenkiv Nexus is a fully modular renewable energy system. It uses heat from the sun in order to power anything for 1/13th the cost of existing solar panels and 1/5th the cost of fossil fuels without any subsidies. When used to purify water, a Nexus with just one panel can produce up to 2,000 liters of water a day without relying on any external power. This autonomy makes the Tenkiv Nexus unique– communities lacking in energy infrastructure in dire need of fresh water can rely solely on this system in order to fulfill all clean water needs.


Arya Rashid