Entrepreneurs and startups need access to capital. Below you’ll find a list of Sacramento area venture capital and angels with links to their websites.

AGR Partners

AGR Partners is a capital provider that cultivates profitable, long-term growth in companies we see as indispensable assets of our food chain. AGR invests internationally in food and agriculture companies.

Akers Capital

Akers Capital, LLC is a venture capital firm dedicated to making private equity investments in emerging technology companies. Akers Capital manages Pac West Technology Fund I, LP, an investment partnership that invests in emerging technology companies in the Northwest and Northern California.

Almond Tree Capital

Almond Tree Capital and its founders identified a unique and pressing opportunity to capitalize on medical technology and device businesses and assets. With deep passion and knowledge from the financial, marketing, legal, and technical world, the founders joined forces and developed a novel playbook for medical device and technology investing.

Blacktop Capital

Blacktop Capital is a seed-stage venture capital firm focusing on companies with pre-money valuations in the $5 million range. They focus on companies they feel can can achieve returns of 10 times or more. Blacktop’s primary interest is software companies, although they’re open to other businesses.

Central Valley Fund

CVF Capital Partners is a California-based investment firm that provides the capital and resources needed to help small and medium-sized businesses thrive. We offer a flexible capital solution through subordinated debt and preferred equity securities, as well as the relationships and expertise to take businesses to the next level.

Davis Angels Network

A cross-section of community members have come together to explore an angel investment group in Davis, CA.

We invite you to join us in that process as we investigate the unique resources and opportunities available to the greater Davis sphere of influence due to both our proximity to UC Davis and key geographical location– between the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay areas.

Davis Funding Club

Davis Funding Club invests in smart people solving difficult problems using startups to commercialize intellectual property coming out of U.C. Davis and the local Davis economy. Club membership is focused on investors that are local to the city of Davis or associated with U.C. Davis in some way.

DCA Capital

DCA Capital Partners makes direct investments in promising businesses led by talented and committed management teams. In addition to providing capital, we will partner with you to accelerate revenue growth, increase market share, enhance margins, and optimally position the company for a high-value, strategic sale. We typically take minority positions, which allows you to get the capital you need (for growth or shareholder liquidity) while still maintaining operating control of your business.

Impact Venture Capital (formerly Velocity Venture Capital)

Formerly known as Velocity Venture Capital, Impact Venture Capital teams with Bay Area investors to focus on the triangle between Sacramento, Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

Moneta Ventures

Aside from capital investment, the Moneta team works closely with stellar entrepreneurs, developers, and sales and marketing teams to build on their ideas to optimize growth and profitability, so promising early stage startups can thrive.

Sacramento Angels

The Sacramento Angels™ and their Venture Capital strategic members believe in the journey of the entrepreneur and startups; the journey to make the world a better place, to create jobs and to keep America strong, competitive and at the forefront of innovation. We believe in this journey because we have traveled the path ourselves, either as entrepreneurs, working as executives in onetime startup companies, or as investors in the venture capital industry. If you are on such a journey or if you want to help guide and support those who are, then we encourage you to join us. Whether you are a potential member wishing to join our group as an investor or an entrepreneur seeking early stage capital we encourage you to take a trip around the site to learn more about us and our activities.

Sierra Angels

Sierra Angels is Nevada’s premier angel investment group founded at North Lake Tahoe in 1997. Our Membership consists of 50 highly experienced executives and entrepreneurs who provide funding, mentoring and strategic introductions for meritorious early-stage technology companies primarily in Nevada and Northern California. We also proactively collaborate with other angel groups throughout the Western States. To date, our Members have funded greater than 60 companies in a wide range of industries, including software, Internet, wireless, social media, IT, health tech, and clean tech, among others. Sierra Angels is a founding member, and on the Board of Angel Capital Association (ACA) and Angel Resource Institute (ARI).

Silicon Bay Partners

Silicon Bay Partners is a holding company established to acquire and develop new leading edge technologies as well as promising early growth stage companies within the Software, Internet, Mobile Applications, and Real Estate sectors.

We partner with entrepreneurs who think differently and generally invest in founder-led, bootstrapped companies with fast-growing usage.