Unless you’re a gamer and part of the local game community here in the Sacramento region, you may not realize that Sacramento is home to a very robust, tight-knit community. The local game community has built a very strong, collaborative, family-like community through organizations like the local chapter of the IGDA (International Game Developers Association).

Nathan Allshouse, an avid computer game fan, started developing his first game after getting hooked up with the local chapter of IGDA. He got his game to a point where he needed some business help and that inspired the idea of  his startup Square One Clubs. Square One Clubs is a software and game developer business accelerator made up of game developers and organizers wishing to give back to the emerging game development community in Sacramento.

I sat down with Nathan at Grange in downtown Sacramento  to chat about Square One Clubs and the local GameTech community here in the Sacramento region. The lighting was pretty low-light so I didn’t shoot video for the interview, but check out the audio podcast linked below.

Square One Clubs Founder Nathan Allshouse and the Sacramento Game Community

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