In the customer journey when a customer experiences a stimulus and a need they often turn to Google to search for a product or service to fulfill that need. Ryan MacCarthy noticed that there’s a new moment that has been emerging, the moment of expression, where consumers experience something and before even searching on Google to find a solution, they take out their smartphone and express the problem or need via social networks. He developed a way to tap into those signals and engage with the consumer on behalf of brands to reach customers at their moment of need. In other words, he has developed a way to win customers for brands right when the customer is expressing a need. The result is his startup, KickFactory, that exists to reach customers at their moment of need.

In this episode of the StartupSac podcast I sat down with Ryan to learn more about how KickFactory does this, along with its origins in Chicago BBQ, the Sacramento startup community, and more. Check out the video or podcast below.

Audio Podcast

Ryan MacCarthy of KickFactory Presents at 1 Million Cups Sacramento

Ryan also presented at 1 Million Cups Sacramento recently when the event went on a road trip to Valley Extends. Check out Ryan’s presentation at that event below.