It’s well known that Sacramento ranks very strongly in the AgTech, MedTech, and CleanTech verticals. However, there are also strong, less well known verticals here that have not yet enjoyed the warm spotlight and attention that they deserve. The local game development community is one such vertical. By all accounts, one of the key players in the Sacramento game development community is Gabriel Gutierrez, founder of Nascent Games and head of the local chapter of the International Game Developers Association (IDGA). I sat down with Gabriel at CoinOp Game Room in downtown Sacramento to talk about Nascent Games and the game development community in Sacramento, all set to a soundtrack of rock music and games being played in the background. Check out the the podcast below.


Gabriel Gutierrez of Nascent Games & IGDA

Topics Covered in this interview

  • Gabriel’s background getting into game development, Nascent Games and IGDA Sacramento.
  • The local indie game development community in Sacramento
  • What’s on tap for Nascent Games, IGDA, and the Sacramento game development community this year
  • Gabriel’s long-term vision for the Sacramento game development community
  • Thoughts on Mayor Steinberg’s Innovation and the Creative Economy Pilot Project that’s intended to foster the innovation and creative economy around food, tech and art
  • Words of advice, inspiration, and encouragement for aspiring game developers and gaming entrepreneurs


Gabriel Pitching at 1 Million Cups


Gabriel’s Interview on Last Token Gaming

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