So many startups have their origins in their founder coming up with a solution to a problem that they have. In Cinde Dolphin’s case this was a bit more dramatic than many founders experience. Cinde has gone to battle with cancer several times and knows firsthand the experience of surgeries and treatments.

Patients recovering from surgery require medical drains to drain away fluids from the surgery area. These drains are a necessary yet uncomfortable and awkward part of post-op recovery. Most medical teams only offer safety pins to suspend and manage these drains. Experiencing this firsthand, Cinde Dolphin thought there had to be a better way and set about to create one. She created the KILI Medical Drain Carrier, a way to suspend drains painlessly, that allows bathing, improves mobility and accelerates recovery. I sat down with Cinde at Outlet Coworking in midtown to chat about the origins of her product and business, some key wins and challenges, and her thoughts on the Sacramento startup community.


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