How many times have you been out for lunch or dinner with a group of friends, family, or coworkers with the intent to connect socially “in real life,” but while waiting everyone pulls out their smartphones and disengages from each other? What if there were a simple way for groups to engage and interact with each other without their smartphones? The husband and wife cofounding team of Chris Sprague and Liv Hoversten wondered the same thing and have invented a classic game with a strategic twist for groups on the go, tCubed.

In this most recent episode of the StartupSac podcast, I met with Chris and Liv to talk about the origins of their game and how they’ve bootstrapped and gone from concept to paycheck. Watch the video below or scroll down to download or listen to the audio-only podcast. I also recorded a quick instructional video of Liv teaching Trifecta Systems’ Jasson Pierre how to play their game.

Audio podcast

Instructional Video

Watch Liv explain how to play tCubed.



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