It’s been about 5 weeks since I released the first version of the Sacramento Startup Ecosystem Circuit Board/Subway Map and put out a call for beta testers and feedback. The response from the Sacramento startup community has been extremely positive and I really appreciate all the positive words and energy that people have expressed about this map.

Sacramento Startup Ecosystem Circuit Board v1.2

Sacramento Startup Ecosystem Circuit Board v1.2

I’ve also received some great input, tips, and additions from several in the community (thanks to all of you as well)! The Sacramento Startup Ecosystem map is an evolving work of progress and I’ve just released an update, version 1.2,  that incorporates some new nodes in the diagram, variable size nodes, and new layout. New to the diagram are Women Who Code, Davis Funding Club, and HM.ClauseLife Science Innovation Center.

One founder and CEO suggested that giving all the nodes the same weight (size) could be misleading so in this version I’m introducing variable sizes for the nodes to try to show that, for instance, UC Davis probably has a larger impact on our startup ecosystem than Meetup groups, a hackathon, etc. This is admittedly subjective since it’s really comparing apples to oranges, to bananas, strawberries… you get the idea. I do have some trepidation about sizing the nodes though because, no doubt not everyone will agree upon the relative sizes. So, I’ll see how that plays out.

I’m also startup a change log and revision history page for the diagram that will also include links to previous versions. So if you like version 1.1 better, you can still see it.

So, check out Sacramento Startup Ecosystem Circuit Board v1.2, and if you’re not actively involved yet in our startup community, I encourage to get involved (a hint, the orange line at the top will be the best entry point for the majority of people).