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5th Planet Games

5th Planet Games brings together talent from all over the world, in an effort to produce fun and addictive, immersive, engaging social games (MMO, RPG, CCGs) for both casual gamers and hardcore enthusiasts alike.

Rob Winkler
Series A
Rob Winkler
Travel Insurance Marketplace

Travel Insurance is $3Bn industry in the USA, generating $1Bn in commission each year. We host the major travel insurance carriers in our marketplace. Travelers run one quote and get a dozen plans to compare. We are licensed and appointed in all 50 states and DC.

Jonathan Breeze
Jonathan Breeze
El Dorado Hills
Activity Jungle
Online marketplace designed for families to search high quality local activities for their children.

Activity Jungle is an online marketplace for Sacramento Families to search, contact, write and read reviews of high quality, local children’s activities in a simple, convenient way. We have a local network of activity providers we personally work with to bring parents the best activities.

Clarice Baca
Clarice Baca, John Meidinger
Startup Weekend, Startup Hustle
Ad Glue
AdGlue is a revolutionary advertising platform for small and medium sized businesses executing local-to-local targeted online advertising.

AdGlue provides a platform for media companies to uncover additional revenue for long tail content that may otherwise be undervalued and under monetized.

Sacramento, CA
Adrastia Biotechnology

Adrastia Biotechnology was founded in 2013 to provide a highly accurate Breast Cancer diagnostic protocol that is easy to administer, non-invasive, will deliver rapid results, and provide women with a personal health history.

Adrastia Biotechnology obtains the urine sample and runs high throughput protein quantification and targeted mRNA/microRNA sequencing to identify a pattern of breast cancer positive or negative as compared to a standard or the woman’s own previous pattern. Unlike 100% genomic data, Adrastia’s test results are designed to be actionable by the woman’s physician and her pattern will be stored in her health record for future reference.

Dr. Angela Courtney, Michael Gilson
Ag for Hire
Connecting laborers to farm owners

Ag for Hire connects farmers with their seasonal and specialty workforce

Apps for Ag Hackathon 2015, UC Davis Venture Catalyst
Davis, CA
AgTech startup focused on Small commercial farms. Applying Big data towards making diversified farms more profitable, efficient and sustainable.

AgShift is the world’s first cloud-based data intelligence platform specifically built to address the challenges of record-keeping complexities and compliance for small diversified farms.

Miku Jha
Allstar Networks Inc.

Small (EDWOSB, SB#2001039) Technology Distribution company specializing in innovative products that enable healthcare workforce mobility and healthcare delivery efficiency.

Tony Clayton
Alphapura Robotics

Alphapura Robotics is a green manufacturing systems innovation company, focused on developing recycler-manufacturing systems capable of turning the world’s meltable garbage into inexpensive global solutions and products.

Frederick Janson, MBA
Frederick Janson, MBA
Entrepreneurs Showcase Accelerator
Rocklin, CA
Apeiron Data Systems
Apeiron game changer, introducing the industry’s highest performance Scale-out NVMe™ Solution to network 1,000’s of standard NVMe SSDs & 100’s of MIOPs.

We have assembled a group of specialists with expertise in storage, switching, computer architecture, and Big Data applications – a group that demonstrates every day its willingness to break away from today’s outdated ways of architecting storage.  We are committed to be the leader in the exponential growth of scale-out storage.

Folsom, CA