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Ad Glue
AdGlue is a revolutionary advertising platform for small and medium sized businesses executing local-to-local targeted online advertising.

AdGlue provides a platform for media companies to uncover additional revenue for long tail content that may otherwise be undervalued and under monetized.

Sacramento, CA
Apeiron Data Systems
Apeiron game changer, introducing the industry’s highest performance Scale-out NVMe™ Solution to network 1,000’s of standard NVMe SSDs & 100’s of MIOPs.

We have assembled a group of specialists with expertise in storage, switching, computer architecture, and Big Data applications – a group that demonstrates every day its willingness to break away from today’s outdated ways of architecting storage.  We are committed to be the leader in the exponential growth of scale-out storage.

Folsom, CA
Averro Solutions LLC
Averro provides fully managed IT infrastructure as a service.

Averro offers leading Managed IT Services for its Shared and Dedicated Cloud offerings including server and OS management, network LAN/WAN management, security services, as well as backup/archival and disaster recovery solutions. All of this is built on top of Enterprise class compute, network, and storage infrastructure inside of world-class data center facilities. These services are delivered to the customer via automated provisioning and management tools and supported by a highly skilled team dedicated to ensure the security and availability of the client’s environment 24×7.

Yatish Mishra, Denoid Tucker
Cemetery360, Inc. develops cemetery sales and marketing software for cemeteries.

Cemetery360® Software offers cemeteries the ultimate sales and marketing solutions to innovate how you connect to your customers. Our innovated approach is aimed at providing an online consumer facing interface by leveraging our immersive technology to connect to today’s online consumers.

Jimmy Pinocchio P.E.
Sacramento, CA
Composer Solutions LLC

Composer Solutions is a market leader in Mainframe and Legacy Application Modernization and Business Rules Extraction software. We are experts in helping government entities preserve, enrich and ensure access to mainframe application knowledge in order to improve application maintenance and enable successful application modernization projects.

Departments and agencies turn to us for our approach that combines enterprise software that collects, preserves and enhances application knowledge as building blocks for a successful, low risk and highly cost effective modernization of legacy systems.

Our software, Composer Advantage, provides the critical foundation of knowledge you need to improve application maintenance, modernization replacement or to simply answer application-specific questions.

Todd Wille, Steve Soren
Gold River, CA

Cooldimi is developing a Customer Engagement Platform to enable improved customer  experience at reduced cost. It uses artificial intelligence to generate Conversational Analytics  and to analyze consumer sentiments and satisfaction.

Miha Ahronovitz, Kuldip
Miha Ahronovitz
Sacramento, CA
CPG Data, L.L.C.
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CPG Data develops and sells highly specialized software that helps beer, wine and spirits distributors track promotional displays of their products in stores.

CPG Data™ empowers the alcohol industry with real-time, total-market visibility against execution metrics that drive growth:

• Displays
• On-premise
• Tap handles
• Points of distribution
• Sales merchandising
• Floor-to-store market share

Our patent-pending proprietary mobile app drives instant adoption through simple, easy to use surveys that don’t ask any questions. Even your least technologically savvy employee will agree, because we built CPG Data with his input!

Designed by a team with over 150 years of combined industry three-tier experience, CPG Data provides only the necessary reports and analytics for tracking the most popular execution metrics at retail. As Albert Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

We know Execution. We know Incentives. We know MBOs, PFP, DSOF, ACV, and TNT! CPG Data will reduce reduce the administrative burden on your sales team while empowering decision makers with real-time results to improve Execution and keep suppliers happy.

Tracy Neal
El Dorado Hills, CA
Sales Acceleration Software | Cloud Telephony & Task Automation, Native to Salesforce & Dynamics CRM

DialSource is a global leader in cloud telephony, offering sales acceleration software, custom-fit to any enterprise. Our vision is to maximize sales team performance, increase call volume, and accelerate ROI with seamless automation. The DialSource platform enables any sales team to scale quickly, focusing on key growth metrics – lead generation, agent productivity, and client contact rates.

Joshua Tillman
Sacramento, CA
The experts in training solutions through eLearning and SaaS LMS.

Since its founding in 2000, Emtrain has been creating delightful online compliance training courses for thousands of today’s top organizations. Our great interactive videos and training help our partners-in-training with their HR, Business Compliance, and People Skills needs.

Janine Yancey
Sacramento, CA

Entrepreneur finds niche with online compliance training firm emtrain | Sacramento Business Journal, March 22, 2013


Fantag — a pioneer in mobile video technology — enables people at live events to capture, replay, and share their favorite moments, with a simple tap on their mobile phones. With a patent-pending platform that synchronizes phones with live video, Fantag is poised to change the way events are experienced, re-experienced, and monetized in the digital/mobile era.

Brian Dombrowski, Scott Bennett
Sacramento, CA

Mobile sports app Fantag in partnership with Republic FC | Sacramento Business Journal, May 1, 2017

Fantag is latest Bay Area company reeled in by Greater Sacramento | Sacramento Business Journal, January 18, 2017