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Activity Jungle
Online marketplace designed for families to search high quality local activities for their children.

Activity Jungle is an online marketplace for Sacramento Families to search, contact, write and read reviews of high quality, local children’s activities in a simple, convenient way. We have a local network of activity providers we personally work with to bring parents the best activities.

Clarice Baca
Clarice Baca, John Meidinger
Startup Weekend, Startup Hustle

In the era of shared economy currently there is no platform available to professionals that facilitates peer-2-peer exchange of knowledge and services. Through our Android and iOS apps KarmaCircles allows professionals to seek help and services from other willing professionals.

Rajiv Kumar,
My Team Sphere

My Team Sphere is a mobile/web platform for the youth sports industry. It serves the needs of leagues, coaches, parents, kids, and sponsors by providing easy-to-use management and communication functions in an entertaining private social community format.

Medo Eldin
Medo Eldin
The go-to productivity platform for free lancers and consultants in the gig economy!

Octain is fueling the gig economy and offering a software platform, education, and connections to help freelancers build great businesses and live better lives.

Clare Price, Lacye Martini
Lacye Martini
Roseville, CA
Reviews about Renters lets landlords search and review their tenants. It’s free and legal. It’s as easy as posting a review on Yelp.

Vitaliy Merkulov
Vitaliy Merkulov
Advisers, investors, marketers, developers
Coffee shops are the new offices; people go there to work. ShopTalk is a website and mobile app that allows you to connect with those people working around you so you can grow your professional network without leaving the coffee shop.

Coffee shops are the new offices; people go there to work. ShopTalk is a website and mobile app that allows you to connect with those people working around you so you can grow your professional network without leaving the coffee shop.

Coffee shops foster a breeding ground of creativity and productivity but lack a platform for working professionals to connect and collaborate. Coffee shop goers only purchase an average of one item per visit despite the length of their stay. This creates a financial strain on businesses as the duration of a visit may last anywhere from 1­5 hours.

Competitive Advantage:
There are valuable connections working right next to you in a coffee shop and ShopTalk capitalizes on the immediacy of these potential relationships. Additionally, by encouraging users to make more purchases using timed incentive deals, ShopTalk benefits coffee shops from a financial standpoint and has access to information that allows shops to better understand their customers’ habits.

Kaleigh Stover, Reggie Willhite
Kaleigh Stover
Entrepreneurs Showcase Accelerator
developers, designers
Sacramento, CA
Event Sharing Made Easy! Share your event experience with #sievent

Sievent is an event experience app that makes it easier for vibrant communities to always stay Entertained, Connected, and Informed. For event seekers, we enhance the event experience by curating interaction between organizers and attendees, making it a fun and quick way to discover, engage, and experience events that are happening locally in your community or globally when your traveling.  For event organizers your able to handle all your event related needs, from promotion, ticketing, payments, analytics, even social media management giving you the ability to learn and improve your event experience all in the palm of your hands.

Michael Purnell, Wesley Alexander
Michael Purnell
Founder Academy
Sacramento, CA
Our’s is a relationship world, where everything is personal and understanding is everything. The Internet of Humans deserves a better way to be people together.
Tracy Saville, Laura Hansen, Jeannie Kim-Han, Jay van Zyl
Sacramento, CA
21st Century Networking Groups w/ smartphone APP / Fast & Fun meetings & mixers.

The uLink philosophy is simple: leverage digital media with fantastic in-person networking events. True success comes when customers and colleagues become marketing evangelists for community businesses they know and trust.

Jim Pelley, Adam Frick
Sacramento, CA
Connecting people prior to arriving at any destination or event worldwide including providing event organizers with a full service mobile application

wimZr is a mobile application connecting people before, during and after arriving at any event or travel destination around the world with social connections & the most up-to-date information.

Additionally, we provide event organizers with an all-in-one mobile application to help enhance the experience of their event attendees, digitally organize their events, significantly increase their revenue, & increase sponsorship – event attendee engagement.

Blake Mori & John Parilo
Boot Strapping
John Parilo
(916) 208-8055
Velocity Venture Capital Accelerator Program
Advisors, Sales Generators
Sacramento, CA