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Adrastia Biotechnology

Adrastia Biotechnology was founded in 2013 to provide a highly accurate Breast Cancer diagnostic protocol that is easy to administer, non-invasive, will deliver rapid results, and provide women with a personal health history.

Adrastia Biotechnology obtains the urine sample and runs high throughput protein quantification and targeted mRNA/microRNA sequencing to identify a pattern of breast cancer positive or negative as compared to a standard or the woman’s own previous pattern. Unlike 100% genomic data, Adrastia’s test results are designed to be actionable by the woman’s physician and her pattern will be stored in her health record for future reference.

Dr. Angela Courtney, Michael Gilson
Allstar Networks Inc.

Small (EDWOSB, SB#2001039) Technology Distribution company specializing in innovative products that enable healthcare workforce mobility and healthcare delivery efficiency.

Tony Clayton
Care Innovations
Care Innovations® offers turnkey remote patient management solutions that help you lower costs, improve outcomes, and bring health home.
Roseville, CA
Cesca Therapeutics
We are focused on the research, development, and commercialization of autologous cell-based therapeutics for use in regenerative medicine.

Cesca Therapeutics is engaged in the research, development, and commercialization of cell-based therapeutics for use in regenerative medicine. We focus in three target markets to serve patients, physicians and partners:

Cellular Therapeutics
Medical/Diagnostic Device Development and Commercialization
Cell Manufacturing and Banking

Publicly traded on NASDAQ
Rancho Cordova, CA
Easy DME
Doctors recommend products to their patients but can’t easily provide them. Easy DME bridges this gap to increasing clinic revenue & patient satisfaction.

Have you ever had a surgery?
Checking out of the hospital, you were likely you were given a list of products to help you recover.
Easy DME allows clinics to offer all of the products a patient needs to recover, delivered directly to their doorstep.
No more product scavenger hunts.

Easy DME helps clinics to increase revenue while adding a new convenient service to increase patient satisfaction.

Dave Denysenko
Dave Denysenko
Advisors + investors
Sacramento, CA
Expanesthetics, Inc.
Expanesthetics is developing new and better analgesics and general anesthetics.

We are addressing the opioid crisis in America and the vast unmet medical needs in pain management by developing a new class of pain drugs that was discovered by accident during our search for new and better general anesthetics. We are also working to reduce anesthetic costs and bring general anesthesia to the third of the world that lacks access through the development of new and better agents.

Dr. Robert Brosnan
Davis, CA

Davis-based Expanesthetics raises nearly $3 million | Sacramento Business Journal, September 25, 2017

Gatekeeper Innovation Safer Lock
Our prescription-locking products present a unique, economical solution to the epidemic of unauthorized prescription access.

Safer Lock is the first combination locking cap for prescription pill bottles. Protect your children and family members  from accidental poisoning and prevent prescription drug addiction by securing your medication and supplements in a Safer Lock bottle.

Joseph Simpson, Steve Simpson, Deborah Simpson, Nathan Langley
Velocity Venture Capital Entrepreneur Showcase
Sacramento, CA
Juno Biomedical
Our technology, CELLTech(TM), harnesses the process of cell electrotaxis to reverse brain damage and return function after a stroke.

Juno Biomedical develops novel regenerative medical devices and therapies that harness the power of cell electrotaxis to repair brain damage caused by neurological disease and trauma.

Trisha Pfluger
Singularity University Accelerator
Kura MD
Kura MD is a health and wellness solutions company dedicated to improving the quality of life for people by leveraging technology to provide access to healthcare 24/7 virtually anywhere.

The Kura MD telemedicine platform enables convenient, secure, HIPAA compliant telehealth appointments between physicians and patients through a computer, smart phone or tablet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Kura MD represents a new standard in telehealth services incorporating electronic medical records (EMR), an interface hub, registration system, verification, billing, claims, video conferencing, and integration of peripheral equipment, practice management and an optional best-in-class health station.

Kevin Hamm
Series A
Roseville, CA
Liquid Gold Concept
Comprehensive and customizable breastfeeding education technology for parents and providers.

From the start, our team focused on improving the breastfeeding experience. Initially, we wanted to redesign the breast pump.

When Anna, our co-founder and CEO, interned in Brazil, she learned about different manual breast massage techniques that can help mothers express milk, increase milk supply, and alleviate pain from engorgement. That’s when we realized that we cannot keep putting technology between the mom and the baby. Instead, we need to initiate a breastfeeding culture shift in the United States.

Our goal is to improve the breastfeeding experience by discovering, testing, and teaching evidence-based breast massage techniques to parents and health providers.

Anna Sadovnikova
Anna Sadovnikova
UC Davis Big Bang!, MedStart