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Text To Ticket
Text To Ticket helps make roads safer by reducing distracted driving. We pay for user submitted videos that catch texting and driving in the act.

Text To Ticket is an app that allows users to submit videos of people using a mobile device while driving. Our app tracks the users location, date, time, longitude, latitude and other legally required information while the user is using the app to record the violation. From there that information is then encrypted and digitally signed and sent to local agent. If approved, that user will receive $5.00 for the video and that reckless driver will receive a ticket in the mail ! Videos must clearly show the driver using a mobile device and clearly capture the vehicle license plate. We do NOT accept any videos from drivers recording other drivers at any time!

Jesse Day, Will Mclellarn, Steven Nguyen, Gagan Johal
Jesse Day
500 startups, Kings Capitalize
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San Francisco

Local startup that targets texting drivers seeks crowdfunding investment | Sacramento Business Journal, September 19, 2017