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Ag for Hire
Connecting laborers to farm owners

Ag for Hire connects farmers with their seasonal and specialty workforce

Apps for Ag Hackathon 2015, UC Davis Venture Catalyst
Davis, CA
AgTech startup focused on Small commercial farms. Applying Big data towards making diversified farms more profitable, efficient and sustainable.

AgShift is the world’s first cloud-based data intelligence platform specifically built to address the challenges of record-keeping complexities and compliance for small diversified farms.

Miku Jha
Barley Oats Farms
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Barley Oats provides fresh produce grown from seed and delivered to your doorstep, all managed online. We provide a customized farm for every user, with a selection of 300+ crop varieties, unparalleled freshness, and click & delivery convenience.

Fred Tzeng
Entrepreneurs Showcase Accelerator
Sacramento, CA
BioConsortia is an agricultural biotechnology company that uses a proprietary method for the selection of beneficial microbial consortia for crop improvement.

BioConsortia is developing highly effective microbial consortia for increasing agricultural yields.

We have developed a revolutionary Advanced Microbial Selection (AMS) process, which uses directed selection to discover beneficial teams of microbes. This novel, patented model works by controlling the seed genetics and the environment while changing the microbial community in order to shift trait performance in the crop toward improved targeted phenotypes.

Marcus Meadows-Smith
Series B
Davis, CA
California Safe Soil
Converting unsold food from grocery stores into a liquid fertilizer. We enhance soil nutrients and the root zone while decreasing nitrate runoff and water use!

CSS provides a unique full-cycle process that will assist our supermarket customers to recycle their organics, improve store hygiene, and reduce costs, in addition to helping our agricultural customers save money, increase crop yield, and reduce nitrate runoff. We are committed to produce a safe, low cost, high volume, and high quality liquid fertilizer product, Harvest-to-Harvest™. As a result, we will greatly improve our air, water, and soil environment, while employing safe, efficient, and effective solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

Daniel Morash
McClellan, CA

eHavervvestHub helps small-to-mid size farmers and Owner/Operator (O/O) truckers connect directly to help them increase their profits.

Alvaro Ramirez
Alvaro Ramirez
Discovery Bay, CA

The New World of Ag | Comstock’s Magazine, February 10, 2015

PathLog Corporation

PathLog is focused on data mining analytical tools and sensors for processing, financial analysis and tracking, risk assessment, and pathogen safety for vertically integrated food and agricultural producers including poultry and pork.

Sostena Inc
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Sostena provides hybrid fruit and vegetable seed to world class growers around the globe.

Sostena recognizes that creating more value in the agricultural supply chain is vitally important due to limitations in arable acres and other natural resources. As the global population continues its growth trajectory, supporting healthy business practices and finding ways to do more with less are absolute imperatives within the agricultural community.


Tim Colin
Series A