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Founder & Innovator Mariah Lichtenstern on Founder Institute in Sacramento

Not only is Mariah Lichtenstern the founder of a startup, Cineshares, a motion picture marketplace to connect filmmakers and stakeholders, she’s also co-founder and Managing Director at DivereCity Ventures, an impact-oriented micro-VC firm. As if that weren’t enough to have on her plate, she’s also one of the key people involved with bringing Founder Institute to Sacramento. Founder Institute is a premier idea-stage accelerator & startup launch program for entrepreneurs that’s exploring bringing their program to Sacramento with a series of events throughout the coming summer. In this latest episode of the StartupSac podcast I met with Mariah at...

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CupAJoy Founder Shell Mendelson

Shell Mendelson woke up one morning want to give a gift of coffee to a friend and to do it just by texting them or sending them an email that would allow them to go pick up their coffee at an independent coffee house. After failing to find an existing way to do this and asking her friends about the idea, she realized she had an idea for a startup. In this episode of the StartupSac podcast I met with Shell to talk about the resulting startup that she founded, CupAJoy. Download file | Play in new window |...

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tCubed Founders Chris Sprague & Liv Hoversten

In this episode of the StartupSac podcast, I met with Chris and Liv, cofounders of tCubed, to talk about how they invented a classic game with a strategic twist for groups on the go, the origins of their game and how they’ve bootstrapped and gone from concept to paycheck. Download file | Play in new window | | Recorded on May 3,...

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apiNXT Cofounders Henry Chang and Charlotte Danielsson

50% or more of the tech work force in Silicon Valley and Northern California is comprised of Asians. Yet this prominence doesn’t carry over into management and executive levels. One of the reasons for this is that APIs (Asian and Pacific Islanders) lack vital established networks due to only 2% of APIs being in executive positions. apiNXT is a nonprofit organization cofounded by Henry Chang and Charlotte Danielsson who are dedicated to breaking down the bamboo ceiling. I met with Henry and Charlotte to learn more about their organization, how they are working in Sacramento to get more APIs involved in...

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Niki Peterson, Senior Program Manager UC Davis Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

UC Davis is recognized as a national center for new, creative, & innovative ideas and is ranked 16th highest in research funding. The UC Davis Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a key component of the innovation powerhouse at UC Davis, with programs like the Big Bang! Competition and several Entrepreneurship Academies. Niki Peterson is the Senior Program Manager for the institute and oversees these programs. In this podcast episode I chat with Niki about the various programs of the institute and how the greater Sacramento startup and innovation community can get involved and participate in these programs.

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ProPlanr Cofounder Brenda Tello Horton

Brenda Tello Horton was organizing and planning a fundraising event for a Northern California children’s non-profit. The event had a lot of moving parts and logistics to coordinate in the planning process with her team. Using a set of disjointed tools she grew frustrated with the set of tools available. Like the origins of ideas for a lot of startups, she thought that there had to be a better way. So she and her technical cofounder created Proplanr, an integrated planning and collaboration task management system for teams. In this interview I chatted with Brenda about the origins of the...

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Fantag CEO Brian Dombrowski

Brian Dombrowski, CEO of Fantag, relocated his young tech startup to Sacramento recently amidst much fanfare from the Greater Sacramento Area Economic Council and the City of Sacramento. Fantag’s pioneering mobile video technology enables people at live events to capture, replay, and share their favorite moments, with a simple tap on their mobile phones. Brian joined me in the podcast studio at the headquarters of another Sacramento startup, Trifecta Systems, where he  talked about the origins of Fantag, new developments for the young startup, and settling in to the Sacramento startup community. Download file | Play in new window | | Recorded on...

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Hoop Maps Cofounders, Twin Brothers Dominic & Donte Morris

Twin brothers Dominic and Donte Morris wanted a better way to find pickup basketball games. Being entrepreneurial-minded they created a mobile app called Hoop Maps that allows users to find pickup basketball games near them. It’s an app that is already getting some pretty impressive media attention. I met up with Donte and Dominic in the podcast studio of Sacramento startup Trifecta to chat about their app and their experiences in creating their new startup. Download file | Play in new window | | Recorded on March 28,...

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CarbonBLU Founder Sedale Turbovsky

Sedale Turbovsky’s startup, carbonBLU, helps fleets analyze and explore options for improvement and optimization, without the costs associated with hiring technical staff and additional personnel. Their software empowers fleet managers to purchase the right vehicle for the job, integrate alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technology into fleet operations and even improve energy use at their facilities. I met with Sedale after his presentation at 1 Million Cups and chatted with him about CarbonBLU and his experience as a startup founder. Download file | Play in new window | | Recorded on March 22,...

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Cofounders of Trifecta, Greg Connolly & Elizabeth Connolly

In the summer of 2015, the brother/sister cofounders of Trifecta saw an opportunity to address the obesity epidemic in the US with their idea to ship fully cooked organic meals directly to customers’ doorsteps. In this episode of the StartupSac podcast I met with Greg Connolly and his sister Elizabeth in their new podcast studio at their West Sacramento office where they shared the origins of their startup along with valuable insights and advice on marketing, MVPs, fundraising and other aspects of launching a startup. Download file | Play in new...

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