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Elizabeth Dodson, Co-founder of HomeZada

Elizabeth Dodson is the co-founder HomeZada, a platform that gives homeowners a valuable tool to manage their home and the assets and possessions in it. I met up with Elizabeth in the wilds of the Sacramento startup scene at Old Soul Weatherstone in Middtown to learn more about her experiences in entrepreneurship. Old Soul was packed with entrepreneurs and freelancers, working on their laptops, enjoying breakfast or coffee, and the interview is full of the sounds of the Sacramento startup scene. So grab a seat along with Elizabeth and myself at Old Soul Weatherstone for a chat about her startup,...

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Deema Tamimi, Co-founder of Giving Garden

Deema Tamimi is the co-founder and CEO of Giving Garden, a local food & gardening social network launched last year when she and her team won the 2016 Apps for Ag hackathon. She’s also the key organizer of this year’s Apps for Ag hackathon. I met up with Deema at Old Soul Weatherstone in Midtown for some coffee and learned about her experience creating Giving Garden at last year’s hackathon, where it’s at now, along with some details about the upcoming Apps for Ag hackathon that will take place at The Urban Hive. file | Play in new...

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Founder of Free Form Factory, Jordan Darling

As a mechanical engineering student at Rochester Institute of Technology, Jordan Darling created a new plastic for use in jet ski hulls that’s stronger and more durable than traditional fiberglass, then launched his business, Free Form Factory, based on that innovative technology. Faced with the challenge of growing his fledgling personal watercraft business in upstate New York, Jordan relocated Free Form Factory to the Sacramento area with the help of Barry Broom and The Greater Sacramento Economic Council. In addition, Jordan’s company took home one of the 2016 Sacramento Region Innovation Awards in the Advanced Manufacturing category at last year’s...

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Tapp That App Founder Charlie Hinojosa

Charlie Hinojosa is passionate about finding great apps, but knows it can be difficult. So he set out to solve the problem of mobile app discovery by combining social networks with app marketplaces. In 2016 he founded Tapp That App, a new social, app discovery platform that allows you to see the favorite apps of people you follow on social media. In this episode of the StartupSac podcast I met up with Charlie to talk about how his startup is doing and what’s in store in the future. file | Play in new window | Duration: 20:03 | Recorded...

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Spotlight on 2016 Sacramento Region Innovation Award Winners: Sierra Energy’s Rob White

It’s Sacramento Region Innovation Awards time with submissions for the 2017 awards open through the end of July. To help celebrate innovation in our region, the StartupSac podcast will feature a series of podcast episodes on the awards program, including interviews with last year’s winners. In the previous episode of the StartupSac podcast I met with the Stoel Rives organizing team – Jennifer Forester, Melissa Jones, and Chris Russell, at the Stoel Rives offices downtown to learn more about the program. In this episode, I met up with Rob White, Chief Strategist at Sierra Energy, last year’s winner in...

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The Sacramento Innovation Awards Organizers at Stoel Rives

The Sacramento Region Innovation Awards is an annual program designed to celebrate and spotlight the Sacramento’s region’s vibrant innovation community, from startups to established companies. Founded in 2016, the program is organized by Stoel Rives with support from the Sacramento Business Journal and Moss Adams. In this episode of the StartupSac podcast I met with Jennifer Forester, Melissa Jones, and Chris Russell of Stoel Rives to learn more about the program as well as their thoughts on the progress of innovation in our region. file | Play in new window | Duration:...

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Magilla Loans Co-founders Chris Meyer & Dean Sioukas

As a businessman applying for several loans over the past decade, Chris Meyer, like a most people, found the whole process onerous and time consuming. This pain point sparked the idea that there had to be a better way. After failing to find one, he reached out to his friend, and soon-to-be-cofounder, Dean Sioukas, to see if he could find a solution. Like Chris, Dean also came up empty on his search. So, like many entrepreneurs, they decided to create the better way on their own, launching Magilla, a marketplace for loans, matching borrowers with prospective lenders. In this...

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Co-founder of Skyslope, D.J. Stephan at StartupSac Happy Hour

For this episode of the StartupSac podcast, I recorded co-founder of Skyslope, D.J. Stephan, at StartupSac Happy Hour answering questions from the audience about his entrepreneurial journey, the origins of Skyslope, insights into their business model, advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, and thoughts on the Sacramento startup ecosystem. file | Play in new window | Duration: 55:07 | Recorded on May 31,...

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Founder & Innovator Mariah Lichtenstern on Founder Institute in Sacramento

Not only is Mariah Lichtenstern the founder of a startup, Cineshares, a motion picture marketplace to connect filmmakers and stakeholders, she’s also co-founder and Managing Director at DivereCity Ventures, an impact-oriented micro-VC firm. As if that weren’t enough to have on her plate, she’s also one of the key people involved with bringing Founder Institute to Sacramento. Founder Institute is a premier idea-stage accelerator & startup launch program for entrepreneurs that’s exploring bringing their program to Sacramento with a series of events throughout the coming summer. In this latest episode of the StartupSac podcast I met with Mariah at...

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CupAJoy Founder Shell Mendelson

Shell Mendelson woke up one morning want to give a gift of coffee to a friend and to do it just by texting them or sending them an email that would allow them to go pick up their coffee at an independent coffee house. After failing to find an existing way to do this and asking her friends about the idea, she realized she had an idea for a startup. In this episode of the StartupSac podcast I met with Shell to talk about the resulting startup that she founded, CupAJoy. file | Play in new window | Duration:...

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