On Wednesday, CleanStart, Inc., the regional nonprofit dedicated to helping clean tech companies succeed and grow, released the results of its latest survey of the clean tech industry (www.cleanstart.org). The new survey shows the 93 companies in the core clean tech sector is generating $3.2 billion in revenue and 5,300 jobs, up 26% from $2.54 billion and 4,150 jobs from the last survey released in 2015–five times faster than the overall economy grew. Local industry leaders in the core are Pacific Ethanol, Siemens Mobility, and Villara Building Systems. In addition, in the past year three clean tech companies raised a total of over $100 million in new investment–Sierra Energy, Greyrock Energy, and Origin Materials (formerly Micromidas), a record amount.

CleanStart focuses on building companies from the grassroots up. Its goal is to make the area a hub for green technology, helping companies succeed and grow in order to contribute to solving the world’s sustainability challenges. “We began CleanStart as a way to boost the sector to $5 billion in revenue and 10,000 jobs–where it would attract attention and be a significant economic sector in the region. We are now more than half way to our goal and really on a roll,” said Gary Simon, Chairman of CleanStart. “We are recognized as a hot area and clearly getting investor interest in our companies.”

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About CleanStart
CleanStart is a non-profit, public benefit corporation created to provide the training, connections, advice and exposure that will help clean tech companies succeed and thrive in the Sacramento area. It was founded in 2004. It has offices at 801 K Street, Suite 2800 in downtown Sacramento. www.cleanstart.org