When I’m out and about in the the Sacramento startup community and meet someone new that’s been to this website, the most common thing I hear is how valuable the Subway Map/ Circuit Diagram is. The response I get from that still surprises me. People even print it out and put on the wall by there desk. But, I also know that this particular representation has its limits and doesn’t work for everyone.

On the suggestion of Ash Roughani from the Mayor’s Office for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, I checked out an online tool to create stakeholder diagrams, Kumu.io, which I’ve been experimenting with for several months. While this representation has issues as well, and it still needs some additions and refining, I thought I’d push it out there like an MVP. Check it out below. Zoom in and pan around and hover over the various nodes to get a popup description. You can see a larger version on its own page.

Sacramento Innovation Ecosystem Stakeholder Diagram

Updates to the Subway Map / Circuit Diagram

I’ve also just made some updates to theĀ Sacramento Startup and Innovation Ecosystem Circuit Board Diagram / Subway Map. Additions include new coworking space Workflow Lounge as well as the new Bayer CoLaboratory wet space and maker space, Inventopia.

There are several new things coming to our ecosystem that I haven’t yet included for various reasons, since they’re either not public yet or not ready to serve the community. These upcoming additions include new venture capital funds like Kevin Nagle’s quarter billion dollar fund announced at Tech Edge and in the Sacramento Business Journal, a new $10 million fund from Sierra Energy, a $30 million Auburn-based sustainable venture fund, as well as still more coworking spaces opening in 2018.

This should all go to show that the Sacramento startup and innovation community is still picking up momentum and that Sacramento is poised to become the next great innovation hub.