Did you know that humanized mice play a key role in developing immunotherapy cancer drugs? For that matter have you ever heard of humanized mice before?

You probably have heard about the risks of contracting infections in hospitals. But did you know that isolation gowns, the gowns that surgeons wear, have ties that frequently get contaminated by dragging on the ground while the wearer is donning the gown? Probably not.

These two topics are the subjects of the most recent startups to present at1 Million Cups Sacramento yesterday morning; Humurine and Iso-Belt.

The event was sponsored and presented by Sacramento’s own MedTech accelerator, MedStart.

HuMurine Technologies, Inc.

According to Wikipedia, “A humanized mouse is a mouse carrying functioning human genes, cells, tissues, and/or organs. Humanized mice are commonly used as small animal models in biological and medical research for human therapeutics. Immunodeficient mice are often used as recipients for human cells or tissues, because they can relatively easily accept heterologous cells due to lack of host immunity.”

HuMurine generates the best and most optimized “humanized” immune system mouse platform in the world and implements them into research studies for the pharmaceutical industry, allowing speedy FDA approval of drugs and therapies. Gerold Feuer, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer for Humurine presented first and in the brief video below explains the problem that they are addressing.

When asked how the community can help Humurine, Gerold replied that they need help with marketing and getting the word out, as he explains below.


Iso-Belt manufactures and markets hospital isolation gowns without conventional tie strings. After Q&A with Gerold, Doug Gibbs, CEO of Iso-Belt, took the “stage” to talk about the problem that their product addresses.

When asked how the community can help Iso-Belt, Doug replied: