The following is a guest post by tCubed co-founder Christopher Sprague, originally posted on Instagram and Facebook and reposted here with permission. This is an excerpt of a longer article to appear next week.

One of the people I’m working with on tCubed recently asked me if I ever get the “startup blues.” I told him that it’s actually a fairly frequent occurrence for me despite our rising sales and successes.⠀

This seemed to shock him because he felt I always seemed upbeat and optimistic about life and being an entrepreneur. Funny thing is that I felt the same about him!⠀

So, fellow entrepreneurs, know that you are not alone and that we’re all living with the deep lows caused by the very real risk to our careers, finances, health, and families. But, also remember that our resilience is rewarded with the highs of being able to move boundaries, make breakthroughs, and interact with people who are changing the world.⠀

~ Christopher Sprague, C0-founder tCubed

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