Do you know a student that you’d like to see get excited about coding? Do you want to get involved in a program that will help to inspire enrollment in high school and college computer science programs? Well, we’ve got good news for you then. CodeDay is coming to Sacramento this November.

CodeDay is a 24-hour non-profit event to inspire students to get interested in coding. At CodeDay, students pitch ideas for apps or games they want to see, then they spend the next 24 hours creating them with the help of staff and mentors. It’s an event intended to encourage students to pursue programming as a career. Attendees aren’t taught to code at the event, but rather, they’re just encouraged to make something fun. Attendees have a wide range of skills coming into the event and even experienced students are motivated to push themselves and learn something new.

Students regularly say that CodeDay is one of the most meaningful things they’ve done. Over 80% of attendees continue to code after attending, strengthening the local tech community and empowering low-income and minority groups.

Where: HackerLab Midtown, 1715 I Street Sacramento, CA 95811

When: November 11-12, 2017

The CodeDay Sacramento organizing team needs help. They’re currently looking for sponsors for the event. These sponsorships can include monetary and non-monetary donations, such as providing food, mentors, or judges for the event.

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About CodeDay

CodeDay is a nationwide event where student programmers, artists, musicians, actors, and everyone else can get together and build apps & games for 24 hours. Students of all skill levels are welcome — we have workshops and mentors who can help if you’re new!