Author: Rich Foreman

Augmented Reality Use Cases (That’s Not Games)

Augment Reality (AR) has received a lot of attention with the success of Pokemon Go. AR aims to extract animations and place them into real-world environments. It has essentially merged the gap between reality and computer generated simulations by manipulating what the user experiences via sight, sound, smell and touch. In brief, AR integrates animations into your reality so the general setting looks the same but with some few added details. Although AR is related to Virtual Reality (VR), the two technologies are not synonymous. VR produces computer generated simulations of an environment that users can experience by wearing a helmet or gloves with...

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Adobe Kickbox: Innovation in a Box

Origin Typically when an organization gets larger, it actually gets harder to innovate. However, Mark Randall, VP of Creativity at Adobe, had a terrific track record. In his interview with Startup Grind Sacramento, Randall stated that his boss at Adobe was amazed how quickly he was able to accomplish tasks and meet milestones. Randall was then tasked to develop a method that could show others how to do the same thing. The idea of automating complex processes was an attractive yet equally challenging endeavor that even Randall doubted would be possible to produce. After pondering on it for a few months,...

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Over-the-Top October! Startup Grind Sacramento has 3 Events this Month!

Trick-or-Treat? It’s a treat for sure! We have three events lined up for you in October! First, on Tuesday, Oct 11, our guest is Mark Haney, founder of Haney Business Ventures and the host of the Entrepreneurs Unlimited Radio Show. Then, we have a special bonus event: Qasar Younis, COO of Y Combinator, will be our guest on Tuesday, Oct 18. And to finish out the month, we’re taking a road trip to Davis on Thursday, Oct 27 where Davis Roots will be our host and Tyler Schilling, founder of Schilling Robotics, will be our guest. If you missed...

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Kevin Nagle: Have Passion & Obsession

Kevin Nagle was able to swing by a Startup Grind Sacramento and enlighten us with some heartwarming tales of his past that contributed to the man he is today. Co-Founder of Envision Pharmaceuticals and Co-owner of the Sacramento Kings, Kevin gained recognition as Sacramento’s Executive of the Year. He’s also one of the lead investor in Sacramento Republic FC and on the board of Moneta Ventures; the Sacramento region’s biggest early phase venture fund. Born in Minnesota and raised in Long Beach, CA by a single mother in “borderline poverty,” Kevin’s ambitious attitude took shape at the age of only 6 years old. With his father out of the picture, he would...

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TechCrunch Disrupt Challenge: Describe Your Startup (in a 140 characters or less)

I was able to attend TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 held in San Francisco and focused my time meeting startups that had a display on the floor. After I would meet with a startup, I would take a picture of them, include their company name or Twitter account and described what they did. This interestingly enough was a challenge for almost all the startups I talked to. In some cases, it was a no brainer. A startup would have a short tag line that was descriptive and easy to comprehend. An example is Infani Inc, Smart Baby Monitor Solution. Being a...

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500 Startups Co-Founder Dave McClure: Have Fun, Get Sh*t Done

Dave McClure is a Silicon Valley icon that is recognized as one of the region’s super angel investors. Over the years he has advised and managed a number of successful startups which includes 3 unicorns (Twilio, Credit Karma, and Grab) . He’s the co-founder of 500 startups and invested in more than 1500 companies around the world. Three companies  have evaluations over $1 billion with over 300 with a valuation $10-$999 million range. He was recently a guest speaker at Startup Grind Sacramento and offered wisdom that was practical, to the point with a hint of humor. “As an entrepreneur, you realize that you’re kind of clueless.” In his humble manner, Dave explained how his...

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Apple’s 9th Annual Keynote Conference

On September 7, Apple hosted their 9th annual Keynote Conference at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Although newer versions of the iPhone and Apple Watch were shown for the first time, this year’s event was a little different. Instead of introducing state of the art innovations, Apple showed some additional features they’ve added to existing products. Moreover, these features weren’t anything extraordinary but new for Apple nonetheless. Image Source: Apple Music & the App Store Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed his passion for music and the important role it has played in the brand’s development saying that they now...

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50 Years of Star Trek: Highlights of Some Predictions and Inspirations

The crew of the Starship Enterprise began their voyage 50 years ago, airing for the first time on September 8, 1966. As I kid, Star Trek was my favorite show. When my cousins and I would play Star Trek, I would always play Scotty, the miracle working engineer. In many ways, Star Trek was influential to me personally. My decision to go into engineering and join the U.S. Navy were both inspired in part by Star Trek. In honor of Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary, I would like to highlight a few of the predictions and inspirations that have arisen...

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How Much Does it Cost to Make an App?

“How much does it cost to make an app?” As a developer, this is the most common question I am asked. This is like asking “How much does it cost to build a house?” Following the house analogy, are you looking for a mansion or a shack? Do you want a house made of straw, sticks, or brick? Do you want a custom home or a tract home? Just like a house, the variables in developing an app are endless. Develop a Storyboard The first place to start is defining what you want your app to do. I normally...

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2016 AgStart Showcase

AgStart held a fundraising dinner that also promoted their member companies on August 20, 2016. AgStart is an incubator based in Woodland that helps Agricultural Startups. AgStart was formed under the now defunct SARTA and this was their inaugural event. Here are the Ag Startups featured at this event: Ag For Hire was formed at the Apps for Ag Hackathon held at UC Davis where they won 1st Place. Their elevator description is that they are the Linkedin for Agricultural workers. AgShift is a Santa Clara based startup. They developed free productivity tools for small and medium farms. Their...

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