Author: Rich Foreman

Raising Capital through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

A friend of mine kept nagging me to buy Bitcoin when it was around $900. Honestly, the whole concept of cryptocurrency seemed a little wanky. For those of you that don’t know, Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency enabled by blockchain technology which debuted in 2009. The founder(s) of Bitcoin remains unknown to this day and is only known by the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. Anyway, I finally caved in and started buying Bitcoin when it hit $1300 and at the time of this writing it’s valued at more than $7,200 (which really makes me wish I bought more). In 2010, if you...

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Startup Grind Sacramento Hosts Luxer One Founder Arik Levy

Startup Grind Sacramento in partnership with the Urban Hive will be hosting Luxer One and Laundry Locker Founder Arik Levy. In 2005 Arik Levy started Laundry Locker, an innovative locker-based delivery system for dry cleaning. It quickly grew into San Francisco’s largest dry cleaner, with lockers in over 300 buildings and thousands of happy–and clean–customers. In 2013, Arik noticed that residents, carriers and properties were all trying to deliver packages efficiently and safely to apartment buildings but no one had quite figured out how to make work. He decided to bring his unmatched experience with lockers, apartments and delivery...

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Make a Date for Oct 10 as Startup Grind Presents Will Bunker (GrowthX /

Startup Grind Sacramento in partnership with the Urban Hive and Projectile X will be hosting serial entrepreneur, Will Bunker on October 10. Will co-founded the dating site that eventually became He has invested in over 160 companies and He currently is a founder partner at GrowthX Academy and GrowthX Capital. GrowthX Academy is an immersive 12 week boot camp in San Francisco that has programs in Sales , Marketing, and Design. GrowthX Capital is a seed stage venture capital for technology startups. This event will be co-hosted by with ProjectileX. ProjectileX is a youth business education non-profit organization...

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Favorites at TechCrunch Disrupt 2017

The winner of TechCrunch Disrupt 2017 Startup Battlefield is Pi. They developed a device that allows smartphones and other devices to charge wirelessly . Amazingly, they were able to demonstrate this on stage in front of a live audience. In comparison, in the previous week, Apple annouced their wireless charging pad, Mophie, which is clearly an inferior product. Along with the bragging rights, Pi received a $50,000 cash prize. Pi and the runner-up, Oneva, got the limelight but there were literally hundreds of startups that particpated at the event that don’t get any attention. I spent three days wandering...

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Highlights from Apple’s 2017 Special Event (with Snarky Comments)

Apple held their 2017 Special Event at the new Steve Jobs Theater where they made several announcements on their upcoming products that will ship this fall. It’s so cliché, as they described each product as the best (Apple Watch, iPhone, AppleTV, etc) ever. What else would you expect? In the two hour event, Apple had numerous product announcements and demos; so as a public service, I’ll boil it down to what I think are the highlights (with a side of snarky commentary).   Apple Watch (Series 3) I stopped wearing watches when I started carrying a cell phone. Why...

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Case Study: Developing a Mobile App for a Medical Cannabis Delivery Service

One of our more interesting projects was to develop an iPhone and Android app for Swift Comfort, a medical cannabis delivery service based in Davis, California. In doing this project, we had several objectives for the app. In this article, I’ll describe how we accomplished those objectives using our ReadyBuilt platform and the results. Paperless Patient Onboarding In California, for a dispensary/ delivery service selling medical cannabis, they need to get the following from a patient: California ID Recommendation from a physician Signed patient agreement form Maintain records of their patients Apptology was able to make the entire patient...

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500 Startups Batch 21 Demo Day

500 Startups Batch 21 Demo Day was muted compared to past Demo Days. Normally it’s a festive themed environment. However, there was no theme this time. Christine Tsai, 500 Startups CEO, address the elephant in room and spoke about the difficulties following Dave McClure’s resigination after sexual hassament allegations. She affirmed 500 Startups commitment to diversity and to build and support startups. Despite the turmoil experienced during this time, I found this batch to be excellent. Batch 21 consisted of 31 companies. Several have already achieved six digit MRRs. So, in no particular order, here are some of my...

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211info App: Adapting to a Mobile Population

[Editors Note: Apptology, a local app development agency in Folsom, recently was honored with a Top 10 listing in Design Drizzles, 10 Most-Trusted Android App Development Companies for 2017. Here, Apptology CEO Rich Foreman, shares a story about how Apptology developed an app for community services referral services.] 211info is a non-profit based in based in Portland, Oregon; they provided referral services for local community services in the State of Oregon and 4 counties in Southwest Washington. Traditionally, their clients would dial “211” and their team would answer the phone and verbally provide them the answers. As technology has...

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Sign Up for the 3rd Annual Startup Summer Party

Startup Grind Sacramento will be hosting the 3rd Annual Startup Summer Party on July 11th at the Urban Hive. Unlike our normal monthly event which features an interview with an accomplished entrepreneur, this event is just a party to celebrate the Sacramento Startup Community. We’ll have food, adult beverages, and live music. Best of all, it’s free. The party will feature tables with 10 Startups. If you would like a table to promote your startup at this party, contact Rich Foreman. Our party typically has over 200 attendees and we have had some media coverage. Here’s Mark S. Allen...

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SMUD offering up to $100K Sponsorships to Nonprofits

One of the great things that I like about the Sacramento region is that I often see entrepreneurs creating nonprofits. SMUD, our local electric service, just announced some great news for nonprofits—they’re awarding grants of up to $100K to nonprofits through their new Shine program. To be eligible, the applicant must be a 501 (c)(3) or 501 (c)(6) located within SMUD’s service territory. The types of projects that SMUD is looking for include: Neighborhood revitalization STEM Education Environmental, energy efficiency, greenhouse gas reduction, and energy conversation General beautification SMUD is offering three levels of sponsorship: Spark Sponsorships ($10 K...

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