AgStartThis just in from the newly reborn AgStart program. According to their newsletter sent out this afternoon, the UC Davis World Food Center is putting on a 3 day summit, “a series of events for fostering uncommon collaborations around ideas and technology to better feed the world.”

The Summit is a series of events to foster collaborations, ideas and technology to better feed the world.

The 3 day summit brings entrepreneurs, farmers, industry executives, researchers, students, investors and technology developers together in an out–of-the-box format. The events aim to uncover solutions for feeding 10 billion people on a rapidly changing planet.

Visit the Food, Ag, and Health Solution Summit event page for details, to register and for the event schedule which will include a Precision Ag Workshop, Sustainable Ag Tour, an App Hackathon, an Idea Hack, and a Food, Ag & Health Innovation Showcase.